Finding a Therapist in the Age of Managed Care

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It isn’t easy for many people to find someone who is affordable, competent and has openings that match your schedule.

Here is an email I sent to someone who was looking for therapy and was unable to find someone who accepts their insurance.  I think it is a good guide for others to use should they find themselves in this situation

1) Call Therapy Matcher at 617-720-2828.  They are staffed by other therapists. You tell them what you are looking for, where you are, who your insurance is and they will likely give you some options of people you can call who have availability.

2) You can call your insurance company  and ask for a care coordinator or someone in customer service.  If you insist (unfortunately, sometimes you do need to be insistent), they often will make the calls on your behalf and find someone who can see you.  This is usually not something insurance companies will offer up without you advocating for your needs.  The other option is to simply get a list of therapists who are in network with your insurance and call them yourself.

3) If you have out of network benefits you can see anyone you want.  You just need to be sure you are aware of the out of pocket costs.

4) If you try the above options and are still stuck you can try this is a last ditch effort.  You should have someone in mind, a specific clinician who you want to see in order for this to work.  Call your insurance company, explain no one is available to see you, you need care, you’re concerned you cannot find someone, you’ve tried the above steps and this is not OK. You then say “I would like to request a Single Case Agreement to see _________(name of therapist).”

Keep in mind, you have the law of Mental Health Parity on your side.  This means insurers are legally obligated to cover treatment for mental health issues in the same manner they would for a physical medical condition.

Feel free to email or call me if you have questions about this process. I am keenly interested and passionate about making sure people have access to quality care.